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One Voice for Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive product and service program, simplifying voice-enablement of Skype for Business Server, Online and Microsoft Teams, with a product portfolio of voice network elements, advanced support services and consulting expertise.

With broad experience in VoIP technology and unique integration capabilities, AudioCodes provides IP Phones and room solutions, end-to-end voice elements, services and expertise for accelerating and simplifying of Microsoft 365 voice implementations in both on-premises and cloud-based network architectures.

Solutions overview for Microsoft 365

IP Phones and Room Solutions

Teams and Cloud PBX Skype for Business IP phones and room solutions offering superior voice quality and superb design.

Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams - Compatible IP Phones and Room Solutions

The AudioCodes 400HD series of Skype for Business-compatible IP phones offers enhanced voice quality and clarity for users of Microsoft unified communications. The IP phones’ wide range of essential business features, HD voice quality (including SILK and OPUS codec support), reliability and certified interoperability make them the perfect choice for any Skype for Business deployment, from small businesses up to large multi-site enterprises.

AudioCodes’ Huddle Room Solution (HRS) is designed to turn any space into a meeting space by delivering high quality audio in a powerful and cost-effective package that is simple to operate and manage.With an intuitive user interface and high definition audio, the Huddle Room solution makes setting up a Skype for Business meeting, joining calls and managing participants straightforward.

400HD IP phones and HRS are fully and centrally managed from a single location using the AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center.


  • High-definition voice quality including SILK codec support (on GbE models)
  • Multiple language support
  • Mass management capabilities with AudioCodes IP Phone Manager
  • Better Together over Ethernet for easy sign in, click to call
  • Skype for Business conferencing manageability
  • Boss Admin support (on selected models)
  • Busy on Busy support
  • Direct access to the Skype for Business contact list
  • Voice quality monitoring
  • Supplementary calling features (including Skype for Business conferencing)
  • Robust security mechanisms
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support (HRS requires external power supply)
  • Full duplex speakerphone and headset connectivity
  • Available in black and white (selected models)
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet


  • Fully certified by Microsoft
  • Centrally managed using AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center
  • Full range including entry level and common area, knowledge workers, managers and executive
  • Superior voice quality and cost effective huddle room solution

Cloudbond 365 Hybrid & CCE

Cements the connection between on-premises and cloud, allowing companies to enjoy the full potential of Skype for Business while preparing the foundations for Microsoft Teams BYOT services.

CloudBond 365 Deployment Variants

AudioCodes CloudBond™ 365 is a modular, adaptable solution delivering on-premises voice connectivity for data centers, customer premises and branch offices in Skype for Business and Teams environments. CloudBond 365 combines the best of Skype for Business Server, Microsoft Phone System (formerly known as Cloud PBX) and service provider voice services in a versatile, all-in-one hardware and software package that adapts with you as your requirements change.

The CloudBond 365 family includes a range of models for different capacities and deployment topologies. CloudBond 365 enables PSTN or SIP trunk connectivity services for Skype for Business Online and is designed to ensure continued support for Microsoft unified communications as it transitions to Microsoft Teams.


  • Cloud Connector Edition appliances
  • Value-added applications available
  • Full survivability and local connectivity for remote branches
  • Includes User Management Pack 365 application for simplified user life-cycle management and integrated administration tools
  • Enables smooth migration to Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing support


  • Full Skype for Business UC and PBX capabilities
  • Allows gradual migration of users to Microsoft Phone System
  • Easily switch between Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) and On-Premises Configuration Hybrid (OPCH) deployment models
  • Seamless and reliable connectivity between Phone System and local PSTN services
  • Peace of mind with built-in backup and restore facilities
  • Central device management, configuration and monitoring with AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center

SBCs & Media Gateways

Direct SIP connectivity between existing enterprise voice infrastructures, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, PSTNs and SIP trunking services.

SBCs & Direct Routing

Coexistence with Existing Environment

AudioCodes Session Border Controllers (SBC) offers direct SIP connectivity between existing enterprise voice infrastructure, Skype for Business the PSTN, and SIP trunking services. AudioCodes SBC also delivers Direct Routing capabilities for Microsoft Teams.

AudioCodes certified Mediant Session Border Controllers (SBC) for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams provide complete coverage of customer needs with extensive scalability, interoperability and reliability.


  • Supports ICE-lite for Microsoft Teams
  • Secure SIP trunk connectivity and real time location based routing
  • Skype for Business migration support with advanced routing features and add-on software solutions
  • Legacy TDM PBX and IP-PBX integration capabilities
  • Real-time voice quality monitoring
  • Centralized management with AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center
  • Support OPUS and SILK vocoders


  • Fully certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing
  • Hybrid platforms ensure smooth migration to UC and enable coexistence with legacy systems
  • Comprehensive scalability from a few to tens of thousands of sessions
  • All SBCs share a common code base and uniform functionality
  • Preserve bandwidth and optimize voice quality
  • Service Provider effective topologies eliminating on-prem SBCs

Network & Service Management

Making it easy to deploy and operate voice equipment in Skype for Business environments.

AudioCodes management tools facilitate the deployment of voice equipment and improve its operation in Skype for Business deployments. AudioCodes offers a management system and a monitoring system, as well as integration with the Skype for Business System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

These tools include:

  • AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center
  • SBC Wizard
  • Syslog Viewer
  • SCOM Management Pack


  • Easy deployment of voice equipment
  • Full lifecycle management
  • Enhanced troubleshooting and voice quality monitoring


  • Centralized management and monitoring of Skype for Business voice elements
  • Reduced operating expenses and increased efficiency
  • Simplified migration between on-premises and cloud-based UC


Delivering flexibility for multi-site Cloud Connector Edition deployments.

CCE Hub Deployment Options

AudioCodes CCE Hub is an innovative, standards-based solution designed to reduce infrastructure costs, remove complexity, and deliver outstanding voice quality in multi-site Cloud Connector Edition deployments. By leveraging Microsoft Cloud PBX’s support for centralized CCE deployment, CCE Hub adds flexibility for distributed enterprises and service providers who offer managed Skype for Business services to their business customers.

The CCE Hub solution achieves all this through a range of AudioCodes’ voice-enabling devices and software management tools, including:

  • AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM)
  • Mediant Session Border Controllers (SBC) and gateways
  • 400HD Series IP phones
  • One Voice Operations Center (OVOC)
  • MediaPack analog gateways


  • High availability at multiple levels
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Centralized management via OVOC
  • Outstanding voice quality
  • Reduced per-site footprint


  • Reduced operational expenses through centralized control and management
  • Support for least cost routing to lower communications costs
  • Seamless migration to Cloud PBX while ensuring co-existence with existing systems
  • Regulatory compliance with dynamic 911 support
  • Branch survivability ensuring uninterrupted service

Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs)

Branch survivability product for small, medium and large remote locations.

SBA Product Family

AudioCodes’ family of Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs) is a line of enterprise-class integrated CPEs designed to ensure access to data and voice services in the event of a WAN outage. AudioCodes SBAs are an essential element in multisite Skype for Business deployments, and are fully certified by Microsoft for use with Skype for Business Server.

AudioCodes offers Survivable Branch Appliances that fit any enterprise location size, providing branch office voice resiliency — with TDM and VoIP interfaces — for up to 1000 users.


  • Reliable and high performance SIP trunk connectivity
  • Open server platform for hosting additional value-added services and applications
  • Modular addition of transcoding resources
  • Skype for Business migration support for branch offices with advanced call routing capabilities, such as Call Forking and Active Directory look-up
  • Supports emergency calling standards, including E911 and Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN)


  • Ensure uninterrupted Skype for Business voice calls for branch offices
  • Reduce footprint and power consumption by hosting multiple enterprise applications on one platform
  • Enhanced QoS support for excellent user quality-of-experience

Analog Gateways

Scalable and cost-effective integration of analog devices into Skype for Business environments.

The AudioCodes MediaPack series of analog media gateways are cost-effective, stand-alone VoIP devices that provide superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems to Skype for Business environments.

The MediaPack series includes the MediaPack 1xx series and the MediaPack 20x series gateways that support a wide variety of service provider and enterprise applications.


  • Leverage investment in existing analog telephone, modem and fax systems to ease VoIP migration
  • Scalable from 2 up to 288 ports
  • Lifeline interfaces for automatic switching to PSTN on power or network failure
  • T.38 fax compliant


  • Uniform functionality across all scales
  • Centrally manageable via One Voice Operations Center
  • Easily connect faxes, analog phones and analog devices

SmartTAP 360° Recording

Enterprise-grade call recording solution.

360° Enterprise Interactions Recording

SmartTAP 360° Hybrid Architecture

AudioCodes SmartTAP for Microsoft Skype for Business is an intelligent, fully certified and secured enterprise interactions recording solution of voice, video and IMs. With SmartTAP, enterprises can capture and index any customer or organizational interaction across external and internal communication channels seamlessly.

SmartTAP Key Features

  • Built-in support for voice calls, video calls and IM interaction recording
  • Live call monitoring
  • Recording reports and analytics
  • Call tagging and indexing
  • Save-on-Demand recording
  • Integrated Announcement Server with Opt-Out capability
  • Skype for Business embedded SmartTAP client (as CWE extension)
  • 3rd Party REST API for CRM or other 3rd-party platform connectivity

Deployable in no-time

  • Fully compatible and seamlessly integrated to any Skype for Business deployment type
  • Support for multiple call types including internal calls, mobile calls, calls with remote users and federated users
  • Registered enterprise users and external entities recorded under any call scenario
  • Connect to conference servers, Edge, front-end servers and more using the SmartTAP media proxy
  • Recordings storage on premise or cloud-based

Voice Applications

Value-added voice applications complementing Skype for Business UC functionality.

AudioCodes offers a range of value-added voice applications for Microsoft Skype for Business deployments. These pure software applications complement basic PBX and unified communications functionality. They can be hosted on AudioCodes E-SBCs, gateways and survivable branch appliances (SBAs) or run on external servers.

  • VocaNOM — A cloud-driven voice communication application for businesses and organizations
  • SmartTAP — Software-based compliance recording of any call regardless of origin or destination
  • Auto Attendant — Flexible IVR-based handling of incoming calls
  • Fax Server — Reliable handling of inbound and outbound enterprise fax transmissions
  • SIP Phone Support (SPS)  Smooth integration of IP DECT devices within Skype for Business environments


  • Wide range of pure software applications
  • Basic PBX and unified communications functionality
  • Run on AudioCodes SBCs, gateways and SBAs or on external servers


  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Increases customer experience and satisfaction
  • Makes complex processes simple and easy
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